Want to be an instructor on MyVT?

We want you to be confident when partnering with MyVT. Here's what to expect!


NO upfront costs or commitments.

There are NO startup costs when joining the hundreds of talented instructors working on MyVT. Simply create and account, enter your bank details (so we know where to pay you) and you're good to go! As an Instructor, you are free to work as much (or as little) as you like on the platform - set your own hours, workouts and services. You are also in control of how much you want to charge clients for sessions, downloadable videos and meal plans.


Marketplace fee

This fee is applied to every session or piece of content you deliver through MyVT. This is 20% for live workout sessions, whether it is a 121 session, group session or live workout (see below for the different sessions you can offer on the platform), and 30% for downloadable videos & meal plans. The fee is inclusive of video call hosting fees, transaction fees, conversion fees & VAT, so you have one less thing to worry about and can focus on providing awesome training to all your new and existing clients around the world.


Promotions reach new clients

We are always experimenting with new ways to expose you to more clients around the world, with special promotions, discount codes & campaigns.


No hassle

We handle the all bookings and payment processes, so you can spend more time time teaching.


Seamless video calling

With HD video calling built directly into the platform, never miss another session. Simply open the booking when its time to train and jump into crystal clear video with clients across the globe.

Types of live workouts


121 Session

For when you're after a little more focus and attention, book a 121 session with just you and your instructor. Work closely with instructors from all over the world and get on the path to smashing your goals today!


Group Session

Looking for that gym class feel? With a group session, the instructor can see all participants, alongside being able to see eachother, replicating that feeling of being in a busy gym class from the comfort of your own home!


Livestream workout

For when you want to follow along with no one watching, you will have a HD video stream of the instructor so you can follow from home, without anyone seeing what you are doing.

Types downloadable content

Instant access workouts

For when you dont have time for a live workout, jump into an Instant Access Workout you can download and take offline! Follow along and workout with expert instructors around the world!

Meal plans

Everyone has heard the old saying abs are built in the kitchen, so why not put that into practise and download expertly crafted Meal Plans built by qualified nutritionalists from around the globe.