Planning on starting an online fitness empire? Check out our top tips for success

So you have decided to pivot your skills and experience and start coaching online, changing your potential client base from a few hundred/thousand people who go to your local gym, to 7 billion people world wide! This however comes with its own set of difficulties and challenges.

You don’t need to go through this change alone however, with the MyVT team being there to help you navigate these new waters every step of the way. MyVT won’t only help you start your online business, we will help you scale, and ultimately succeed.

Below is a list of top tips and questions to ask yourself before you make the leap into online coaching. If you need any more help however, feel free to drop the team a message on and we will be happy to assist in any way we can.

1: What makes you stand out?

When shifting to the online space, not only does your potential client base increase, so does your competition. Ask yourself this, “What makes me stand out?”. This doesn’t have to be reinventing the wheel like most people would have you believe, but instead could be an area of expertise you feel like you do better than most others, or a niche in the market you feel like you could fill. Some of the online coaches currently working on have brought their flare to their profiles, showcasing classes focusing on pre/post natal personal training and many other creative ways to train at home!

2: What are you looking to get out of a shift to online coaching?

Are you looking to build a full time career? Or are you looking for some part time work to supplement your day job? Maybe you are just aiming to start generating a passive income with your new business endeavour. All of these are valid reasons to make a splash in virtual coaching.

3: What do you need out of your technology provider to turn your goal into a reality?

Now as is the case with most new business endeavours, cash flow is tight and expectations are high… no one wants to work with an online personal trainer who can’t provide them with the basic tools they need, but these tools often cost a lot of time and money to get right! The struggle is real.

MyVT offers a way for new digital personal trainers and fitness instructors to work online without any startup cost, monthly subscription or time investment. A 2 minute registration process will see you set up with a free account, which can be used to work with clients all over the world. Built into the MyVT platform is HD video calls, which can run for however long you see fit, this means you won’t be capped to 45 minute sessions with a UI which most definitely is not optimised for online coaching. Additionally MyVT handles the end to end booking process, which means you don’t have to manually accept and check payments for 50 group participants, drastically cutting down on your admin work and giving you more free time to deliver sessions and earn more money. On top of this you can record and upload instant access workouts for your clients to purchase and consume when they see fit, helping you generate a passive income in the process. Other things built into the platform are messages, where you can also share files, workout plans and anything else you need your client to have access to, and a comprehensive review system in which clients can review you and endorse your areas of expertise, letting the world know what they loved about training with you!

4: How much should you charge?

Make sure you take the time to consider your pricing when working online, it can be an extremely tricky thing to nail down. Charge too little and you will feel like you aren’t being compensated, often leading to being burnt out of your new career. Charge too much and its hard to attract clients. Instead of pulling a number out of the air, consider the variables. What kind of sessions is it? 121 or group, how much experience do you have? What is your area of expertise? How much do similar online coaches charge? Answer these and it will be much easier to have compelling pricing guaranteed to have clients coming back again and again.

5: What kind of content do I want to produce?

This one is super important, and often the most neglected by new online coaches. Give your classes their own distinct look and feel, and build an online offering relevant to the type of clients you aim to bring in. If your class is difficult, make sure the look and feel matches. Music is a great way to convey intensity to clients, with many workouts making music an integral part of the workouts (looking at you Zumba).

6: Spread the word!

You have started your online coaching business, now what does any business need to succeed? Customers!

Make sure you promote your offerings everywhere you can. This can include friends and family, across social media, around the office and anywhere else you can get in-front of prospective clients.

Social media is a great way to reach people all over the world, and ultimately that is who your new client base is, so the wider the better. Create Hashtags and post content and teasers relevant to your online offering across your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik-Tok and even LinkedIn to help entice potential clients and turn them into paying customers. Perhaps even try jumping onto the occasional Instagram live to give potential clients a taste of what it’s like to train with you.

Top tip: You can share your MyVT profile and workouts directly to your social media platforms, and even link to your MyVT profile in your social bio’s!

7: Rome wasn’t built in a day

When starting any business, especially online coaching its very easy to get disheartened by the lack of immediate results. Building your online presence will take time and consistency. Make sure to read reviews, and ask clients for additional feedback and recommendations on how you can improve your offering moving forwards.

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