How to stay safe when working out outside this summer: Top tips for exercising outside

Get creative with your next online workout!

Take advantage of the last few days of summer and take your next home workout outdoors

Why not shake up your next workout by trying something new! Take your laptop, tablet or smartphone and transform any outdoor space into your own personal gym! How you ask? Check out our top tips below!

1: Make sure you the weather is suitable for an outdoor workout – This one seems obvious, but make sure you check the forecast and ensure that the sun will stay shining when you take it outside, the last thing you want is to be caught in the rain!

2: Find a suitable area to work out in, get creative with it! – This can be your garden, the park, even up in the mountains! The world is your oyster, just make sure that any location you choose has been cleared for obstacles and if you’re planning on joining a live 121 or group session, gets good data coverage.

3: Pack the essentials – Planning on working up a sweat? Make sure to take plenty of water. The ground is a bit rough where you are going? Take a yoga mat. Have a long way back home after you’re finished? Pack plenty of healthy post workout snacks. You get the idea.

4: Protect your skin – UV rays can reach you even when the sun is tucked away behind cloud, make sure to apply SPF cream before each workout and properly moisturise your body to keep your skin protected no matter the weather.

5: Book an online workout on MyVT – Why stop at shaking up your workout space? Try hundreds of new workouts by independent, expert fitness instructors all over the world only on, jump into live 121 and group sessions from anywhere! All you need is a smartphone, tablet or laptop with internet access and you can transform the world into your gym.

We hope you enjoyed our top tips to prepare you for your next outdoor workout and hopefully you will start to see the benefits to adding these top tips into your routine!

Until next time, The MyVT team 🏋️