Client FAQ's

What is MyVT?
MyVT is a revolutionary new marketplace which connects you with expert fitness instructors around the world. Jump into 121 and group sessions with hundreds of instructors across every sport, interest and fitness related hobby you can think of, all from the comfort of your own home. Sessions are all carried out using your smartphone, tablet or laptop/desktop so you never miss out on that face-to-face feeling!
How much does MyVT cost?
A MyVT account is completely free! We will never charge you a monthly subscription to use our platform. Instructors list their own sessions with their own prices so there will always be an instructor for every budget. Money spent on sessions goes directly to instructors on MyVT so you will help to support small, independent instructors when working out.
Will I have to pay for additional features when they get added?
Absolutely not, all features will be available to all members for free as soon as they launch, check out our blog for exciting new features we have in the pipeline and keep up to date with new developments!
How does MyVT work?
It’s simple, find an instructor by searching for your goals, interests or even the instructors name. Next up, find a session suitable for your schedule and book your next workout in just a few clicks. Once the instructor has accepted your booking, you will be notified via email and the session will be added to your calendar found in the your dashboard. When its time to train, simply log into, open your calendar and join the session via the button, all that’s left is to get a killer work out in and make sure to leave your instructor a review after! If you need any more information on how to book a session check out our handy guide here.
What kinds of sessions can I book on MyVT?
Instructors offer 3 primary types of session 1. 121 sessions where it is just you and the instructor. 2. Group classes where up to 30 people can be in the class and can all see each other. 3. Live stream classes where the instructor is centre stage, you can only see them and nobody can see you. For more details on the different types of sessions found on MyVT you can read more here.
I don’t have time for live sessions, is MyVT right for me?
Absolutely! You can also find downloadable video workout guides curated by our community of awesome instructors that you can use anytime.
Do I have to book a session every week?
There is no minimum or maximum number of sessions you can book during any given time period. Your free account will remain free forever so enjoy your next workout at your own pace.
How many instructors can I work with?
You are free to work with as many or as few instructors as you want, one of the great benefits to working on MyVT is having the ability to tap into a bank of experts around the world, and learn great new skills whilst doing it! Why not try something new today?
How do I know where my instructor is from?
The country your instructor is from will be visible on their profile, however any sessions you book will be shown in your current time zone.
Who can see the answers to my PARQ form?
Any instructor you work with can see the answers you have listed on your PARQ form alongside any other forms which may be added to MyVT in future updates.
Which devices is MyVT compatible with?
MyVT is compatible with any iOS device running iOS 11 and higher, any Android device running at least Android 5.0 and any laptop or desktop with a webcam and microphone. To get the most out of your sessions for both yourself and your instructor, we suggest a camera capable of recording in at least 720p.
I’m still confused? Can I get more help?
We are always here to lend a helping hand. Email us at with any further questions not answered here and we will do our best to answer them.
I’ve got a suggestion for MyVT, how can I get in touch?
We absolutely love taking on board all ideas, drop us an email at and we will make sure to take it into consideration for future updates.