Instructor FAQ's

How do I become an instructor?
It’s simple! Register for an account and make sure to tick the “I am an instructor” box, then just fill in the rest of the details and submit. Applications are usually processed within minutes however in some cases can take up to 24 hours, make sure to look out for an email to confirm your account is ready to use the next time you log in.
How much does it cost to work as an instructor on MyVT?
Free. Forever. You will never be charged a monthly subscription, initial set up cost or be tied into any pesky contracts on MyVT. We only charge a small commission on each session delivered via the platform; more details can be found here.
Will I ever have to pay a monthly subscription to work on MyVT?
No, MyVT is free and will remain free forever.
Will I have to pay for additional features when they get added?
Absolutely not, all features will be available to all members for free as soon as they launch, check out our blog for exciting new features we have in the pipeline and keep up to date with new developments!
How does MyVT work?
Simply create an event in your calendar, choosing the type of session and the training you want to offer. Your class will then be live on MyVT for anybody to book onto. Please note you must also confirm the bookings through your dashboard, they are not automatically accepted and will expire if you do not respond.Once its time to train, simply join the HD video call straight from your MyVT dashboard!
Can I invite existing clients onto MyVT?
Absolutely! Most instructors working on MyVT have migrated all their existing clients and online classes to the platform.
Will I gain new clients on MyVT?
By creating a free profile on MyVT, new clients around the world can search and find you based on your name, the areas of expertise you have listed on your profile or the types of sessions you offer and are able to book sessions directly with you without any hassle.
Is there a limit to how many sessions I can deliver on MyVT?
Nope! You are free to work as much (or little) as you want.
How much should I charge for my sessions?
It is completely up to you, we will never tell you how much to charge.
How do I know if my expertise is right for teaching on MyVT?
If it’s fitness related, we would love to have you! It doesn’t matter if its interpretive dance, pre/post-natal training or even doggy yoga. We (alongside clients world-wide) love to see the different life changing skills and areas of expertise you bring to the table and make you unique!
How do reviews work on MyVT?
When a session has finished, both you and your client will get a chance to rate each other. Your client will also be able to endorse your areas of expertise, which other clients will be able to use to identify your proficiency in teaching any given area.
How long can a session run for?
Say goodbye to 45 minute time limits, sessions can run for as long as you like.
What kind of sessions can I host on MyVT?
You are free to host a variety of sessions on MyVT. 121 sessions are between just you and 1 client whereas a group session will have you centre stage with up to 30 clients around the world. You can also host a live stream workout with unlimited participants, however whilst they can see you, you can’t see them. For more details on the types of sessions you can host on MyVT, click here
I don’t have time for live sessions, is MyVT right for me?
Absolutely! You are not just limited to offering live sessions. Upload pre-recorded instructional videos and workout guides for clients to purchase around the world. Find out more information on how to do this here here. There is no limit to how many videos you can upload, however we do ask that all videos are recorded in HD.
How do I create a session
Check out our handy 4 step guide found here here. Alternatively if you would like to arrange an audio or video call to walk you through setting up your profile and creating your first session, drop us an email on and a member of our team will be happy to help.
Which devices is MyVT compatible with?
MyVT is compatible with any iOS device running iOS 11 and higher, any Android device running at least Android 5.0 and any laptop or desktop with a webcam and microphone. To get the most out of your sessions for both yourself and your clients, we suggest a camera capable of recording in at least 720p.
Which forms do clients fill out when working out on MyVT?
Clients are currently emailed a PARQ form to complete when joining MyVT. If you have any suggestions for other forms relevant to your industry you feel they should be filling out, please drop us an email on and we will get them added. Forms will be integrated into the platform very soon.
Can I be featured on your social media platforms?
Yes! We love to share your skills with the world, drop us a short video or picture of yourself doing what you do best to alongside your name and we will be sure to share you across our Instagram and Facebook channels, helping you reach a new audience and increase your exposure on the MyVT platform.
I’m still confused? Can I get more help?
We are always here to lend a helping hand. Email us at with any further questions not answered here and we will do our best to answer them. Additionally if you would like to arrange an audio or video call to walk you through setting up your profile and creating your first session, drop us an email on and a member of our team will be happy to help.
I’ve got a suggestion for MyVT, how can I let you know?
We absolutely love taking on board all ideas! Drop us an email at and we will make sure to take it into consideration for future updates.